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My Savior Lives Church

Welcome to our Ministry web site. I am Pastor Kristine DeMara and Pastor of My Savior Lives Church in McAllen, Texas. I appreciate those who enjoy reading and listening to the Word of God.  Please take advantage of the links in the podcasts. These are challenging times we live in. The need to know Gods Word and how to apply it to our lives is so important. My heart is always with those searching for answers. I pray that as you read or listen to a sermon that God will speak to you through me. Please e-mail any prayer request.

Mind of Christ Bible Study and Support Group

Click on the link and you can download Mind of Christ Bible Study and Support Group. The Mind of Christ Bible Study includes twelve challenges to help a person to develop the Mind of Christ and maintain it. A person can go through the study by themselves or you can start your own group. Included in the book are the guidelines to help a leader get started. 

Do You Feel Alone

There is a reason why we feel alone sometimes. It is because we miss being in our original place of origin, in the bosom of God our Father. But just as Jesus had to journey here so did we.  Jesus journeyed from God to the earth and than back to God. He paved the way. His journey had a purpose that purpose was not only to carry the cross but also to be crucified on it for our sins.  Our journey is also to carry our own cross to identify with His sufferings so that we may go back to God. The cross we carry isn't for the forgiveness of sin but to overcome our flesh. God calls us sojourners and that is because the earth was never meant to be our permanent home.

God is unlimited

God gave us the gifts of the Holy Spirit as a sign. That our God is a God that supersedes our human abilities. Why would we call upon God if he were the same as we are. As human beings we are limited and God has no limit. We will die one day. God will never die. He is of a substance that draws us. The bible tells us that God is light. He draws us with His light that is our journey. That light is timeless, it’s eternal. Light is eternal as can darkness be. Nothing grows in darkness. It takes light for anything to grow. Everything grows in light because light is eternal, light is life, God is the light.

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